Newest member of the four-eyed club.
Today’s efforts.
Hey tumblr. This was at work a few hours ago before I got home and got kicked out. Yay life.
Currently sketching in bed.
Folios, including all the developmental work & annotations can eat a dick.
Just sayin’
Hey tumblr, 
It’s been a while.
I’ve missed you.
Enjoy my airport selfie.
Ugh, I feel really unwell, and had to spend the night hanging with my friend and telling her everything would be ok after her boyfriend broke up with her, but really I have no fucking idea what relationships are like because I’ll never be girlfriend material but hey, fuck you all.
Ha, what I drew for my mumma ‘cause I’m lame as fuck.
(She loves the song ‘bear hug’ by 2 bears, and if you haven’t heard it, it probably won’t make as much sense…)
Lino fun at uni.
Couch cuddles with my main man Henry.
Today was a shit day. So I’m going to go home and make pão de quiejo, and watch a movie. Someone should come over. And you should all follow me on instagram: bonnierogers

And yeah yeah I posted this photo before but I accidentally deleted it , glll.